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Home Town Sootopolis City
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 192 lbs
Professional Status
Occupation Champion (Former)
Personal Status
Items Blazikenite

Nail (Japanese: ネイル Neiru) is a legendary Pokemon trainer. Once hailed as the champion of the Hoenn region, Nail has long since retired, only to have disappeared mysteriously. His current whereabouts remain unknown, even to his former lover.

On Hand

Pokémon Information
Blaziken is one of Nail's longest companions, having been chosen as his starter Pokemon. Over the years, Blaziken has proved itself in battle time and time again, and to this date, is by far Nail's most powerful Pokemon. Today, Nail refuses to use it against just anybody, as only worthy opponents shall deserve a chance against such a phenom. Blaziken's known moves are, Hi Jump Kick, Heat Wave, Focus Energy, and Flare Blitz.
Nail's Blaziken
Pokémon Information
As a Feebass, Milotic was given as a present to Nail by his mothis after a beauty contest. Although Nail did not see the beauty in it right away, Milotic proved it's elegance through winning several beauty pageants across Hoenn. Milotic's known moves are, Surf, Ice Beam, Attract, and Dragon Tail.
Nail's Milotic
Pokémon Information
Salamence was first acquired by Nail as a Bagon in Draco Falls. After several hours of searching, Nail managed to find a little, teeny tiny Bagon, who put up quite the fight against his then Lairon. From day one, Nail was confident Salamence would grow to become a powerful asset. Salamence's known moves are, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Crunch, and Fly.
Nail's Salamence
Pokémon Information
Shiftry was Nail's final Pokemon captured in the Hoenn region. Though it was acquired much later than the rest, Shiftry shared an immediate bond with it's trainer, and his loyalty is second to none. Shiftry's known moves are, Double Team, Power-Up Punch, Feint Attack, and Aerial Ace.
Nail's Shiftry
Pokémon Information
Agrron was rescued by Nail back when it was just an Aron. Aron had been severely wounded, and left by it's previous trainer. After nursing it back to full health with the help of Nurse Joy, Nail took the poor thing under his wing, and transformed the little rock Pokemon into a lethal weapon. Aggron's known moves are, Iron Claw, Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Thunderbolt.
Nail's Aggron
Pokémon Information
Gardevoir, in the form of a Ralts, was the very first Pokemon Nail had ever caught on his own. Impressed by the Pokemon's beauty, Gardevoir and Nail have come a long way togethis, and combine to form a tremendous tag team. Gardevoir's known moves are, Psychic, Moon Blast, Thunder wave, and Magical Leaf.
Nail's Gardevoir